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Conveyance Allowance during Vacation is the Right of Employees

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Conveyance Allowance during Vacation is the Right of Employees

تعطیلات کے دوران کنوینس الاؤنس ملازمین کا حق ہے

The court makes the final decision on the matter of the deduction of KPK Government servants. The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa decided to deduct allowances of Servants. Which was not acceptable to the servants. The matter was taken up to court. The courts end the matter making a final decision against the Government of KPK.

The decision of the Case of Deduction of Allowance

Justice Muhammad Ali Azhar writes the decision. He says that the distinguished treatment of the teachers is totally negative. It is not just. Instead of encouraging and providing a comfortable and suitable environment in the light of article no.25 of the constitution, there is a deduction of their conveyance allowance without any written notification. This is the responsibility of unions to take steps to stop this injustice. According to the constitution, section 23 there is no difference in the rights of government servants.

Education is a matter of Life and Death

Students are the nation builders of the nation. A country’s success and development depend upon experienced educationists. In 1943 Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah addressed the NWFP Muslim students’ federation, Education brings light, and its absence brings darkness. Education is the matter of life and death. There is no syntactic decision in the service tribunal.

Conveyance Allowance during Vacation is the Right of Employees
Conveyance Allowance during Vacation is the Right of Employees

CA by Federal Government

Federal Government employees especially the teaching staff are already getting Conveyance Allowance during summer, winter, or spring vacation. The government of Pakistan Finance Division issued a Notification Conveyance Allowance during vacations to FG teachers on 30-04-2019. They also got this allowance as a result of the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s orders. The main point of the orders was as under:

“The Vacations grants the department itself and the employee don’t apply for the vacations.”

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