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A comparison of Basic Pay Scales from 1987 to 2022

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The first pay scale revision was issued by Federal Government in 1972.  After that Government revised the pay scales Chart many times. The number of stages was different during various years. Sometimes, the Government merged Adhoc allowances and other special allowances into basic pay to introduce new pay scales. However, sometimes, the Government granted a special increase to the basic pay scales directly. The Government revised the pay scales as under:

Sr. NoPay Scales Revision
11972 (Revised Pay Scales 1972)
21977 (Revised Pay Scales 1977)
31983 (Revised Pay Scales 1983)
41987 (Revised Pay Scales 1987)
51991 (Revised Pay Scales 1991)
61994 (Revised Pay Scales 1994)
72001 (Revised Pay Scales 2001)
82005 (Revised Pay Scales 2005)
92007 (Revised Pay Scales 2007)
102008 (Revised Pay Scales 2008)
112011 (Revised Pay Scales 1911)
122015 (Revised Pay Scales 2015)
132016 (Revised Pay Scales 2016)
142017 (Revised Pay Scales 2017)
152022 (Revised Pay Scales 2022)

Benefits of Combined Pay Scales Chart

This combined chart is very useful in many ways. You don’t have to go through many charts for the purpose of pay fixation. Especially the pay fixation when you have to go many years backdated pay fixation.  You don’t have to save bundles of charts. They are just in one place on a few pages only. All the pay scales consist of the Initial Stage of each BPS, the Last Stage, and the Increment Rate.

Click Here to Download A comparison of Basic Pay Scales from 1987 to 2022

Compiled By Tallal Hassan, Assistant Director Finance, Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Karachi

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