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Notification Regarding Grant or Refusal of Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR)

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The Government of the Punjab, Higher Education Department (HED) issued a Notification on 11-03-2024 in connection with the Grant or Refusal of Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR). The details are as follows.

Grant or Refusal of Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR)

The HED Punjab issued the clarification and instructions regarding the Grant / Refusal of LPR for the Government employees. As per the letter of the HED, the following instructions are for the concerned authorities.

  1. I refer to the subject cited above and state that they have checked all the cases/applications regarding the refusal of LPR that the officers working under the Higher Education Department submit. They have examined and the Competent Authority has observed that “how can they apply for refusal of LPR, we can allow LPR as per rules if someone applies.”
  2. Therefore, I direct you to return all the cases (List attached) with the request to re-examine in the light of amendments in Rule-17 of the revised Leave Rule, 1981. The Department issued these rules vide notification Bering No. FD. II/2-97/2019 dated 01-06-2023. The department issued clarification vide letter No. FD-SR-II/2-97/2019 (part dated 28-06-2023.
  3. Further, in the future forward the cases to this department with clear-cut recommendations regarding the grant of LPR along with all necessary documents especially Leave title issued by AG Punjab or the District Accounts Officer, concerned it, refusal of LPR is required, then the recommendation of the principal / DPI (Colleges) may also be conveyed to proceed Further.

CC Submission

  • PS to Secretary / Special Secretary, Higher Education Department
  • PA to Additional Secretary (E&G) Higher Education Department
  • PA to Deputy Secretary (EM), Higher Education Department

What is LPR?

LPR is the leave preparatory to retirement. The employees just before retirement can avail of LPR or otherwise Leave Encashment as per the rules. Employees having a minimum of 25 years of service can apply for LPR. (In Punjab there is also a condition of 55 years of age along with 25 years of service). The employees can get LPR in return for leaves in their credit that they gain every year. During LPR the employees get all pay and general allowances except Conveyance Allowance. The employee will get House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, DRA, SRA, Adhoc Allowances etc. While in Leave encashment the employee will get payment of leaves instead of leaves. He will also get all pay and allowances as the employee is on duty.

Notification Regarding Grant or Refusal of Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR)

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