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Establishment Book Banks in Public Sector Schools

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پبلک سیکٹر اسکولوں میں بک بینکوں کا قیام

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a Notification on 14-03-2024 in connection with the Establishment of Book Banks in Public Sector Schools in Punjab. The details are as follows:

Establishment of Book Banks in Public Sector Schools in Punjab

The subject cited above and enclose herewith the decision that the provincial cabinet made. The cabinet decided in the meeting held on 10-01-2024 with the direction to establish book banks in the school of the respective district. It is imitated that efforts should be made to retain a maximum number of free Textbooks in schools from passed-out students. The concerned retained book may then they should be distributed among new students. Therefore, you are further directed to keep note of heads of schools who retain a higher percentage of textbooks.

  1. The programme Director, PMIU-PESRP, Lahore
  2. The Manager Director, PCTB, Lahore.
  3. PS to Secretary, School Education Department.
  4. PS to Special Secretary School Educational Department.
  5. PS to Addiction Secretary (ER), School Education Department.

It is a good initiative of the School Education Department Punjab. The new books have high prices. The books collected from passed students will reduce the cost burden and the department will print fewer new books for students.

Establishment Book Banks in Public Sector Schools

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