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Grant of Reward to WAPDA Employees

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Grant of Reward to WAPDA Employees | Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority | April 12, 2023

واپڈا ملازمین کو انعامات سے نوازا جائے گا

In line with WAPDA’s Policy supporting its employees through thick & thin and acknowledging their services during odd time, the Authority has been pleased to accord approval for the grant of Reward equivalent to one month basic pay to WAPDA employees.

2. The grant of Reward will be regulated as under:-

a. It will be admissible to all regular/contact/on probation/contingent/deputation/daily wages/ temporary employees.

b. The contract employees drawing pay against Basic Pay Scales/daily wages/contingent employees working against sanctioned or non sanctioned posts would be allowed Reward equivalent to minimum of the relevant pay scale.

c. The Contract employees/Advisors/Consultants to the Authority appointed on lurnpsurn package are eligible to the Reward @ 60% thereof.

d. The Reward will be admissible to employees who are on the pay roll of WAPDA as on issuance of this Office Order and have at least six (06) months service.

e. The employees who are on Earned Leave/LPR/Extra-ordinary leave or on deputation abroad/elsewhere for more than six months as on date of issuance of Office Order are not eligible for the Reward.

f. The employees who have been penalized involved in the acts of misconduct under E&D Rules during the period of one year downward from the date of issuance of this Office Order are not entitled to the Reward. However, if they are subsequently exonerated from all charges, the Reward will also be paid to them.

  1. The expenditure on account of Reward will be charged to the budget of respective office.
Grant of Reward to WAPDA Employees
Grant of Reward to WAPDA Employees

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