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Upgradation of Teaching Staff SST. PST, CT, DM, AT and DET Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Government has approved the Upgradation of Teaching Staff SST. PST, CT, DM, AT, and DET KPK in School Education Department.  The cabinet approved the upgradation with effect from 1st July 2023. The summary of the upgradations of teaching posts in 2023 in KPK is as under:

Upgradation of Teachers Teaching Staff SST. PST, CT, DM, AT and DET KPK

The detail of the Existing Basic Pay Scale and Teachers’ Revised / Upgraded Pay Scale is as under for teaching posts in KPK.

Sr. NoName of PostExisting PostUp-graded Post
1SST (Secondary School Teachers)BPS-16BPS-17
3DM (Drawing Master)BPS-15BPS-16
6PST (Primary School Teacher)BPS-12BPS-14

21000 SST teachers of KP have been promoted from grades BPS-16 to BPS-17. Also, the provincial cabinet has approved a Four-tier formula for teachers under which 13888 teachers ranging from BPS-17 to BPS-20 grade would be promoted. CT, DM, AT, and DET teachers have also been promoted from BPS-15 to BPS-16 grade.

Congratulations to all the PST teachers for the promotion in scales. The provincial government has approved 51000 Primary School Teachers male and female teachers from BPS-12 scales to BPS-14 scales. It was a long-standing demand of our teachers which has been fulfilled today.

Up-gradation Teacher Posts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

That is very good for the teachers in KPK that they will have now a higher pay scale. They have just got the Revised Pay Scales 2022 and now the upgradation. All SSTs, PSTs, CTs, DETs, and DMs in KPK school are now upgraded to higher pay scales.

The CT, DM, AT, and DET teachers have also been approved for upgradation in grades BPS-15 to BPS-16.

Along with this, SPST teachers have been upgraded from a scale of 14 to a scale of 15 and PSST teachers from a scale of 15 to a scale of 16. Congratulations to all of them.

Congratulations to all the Primary School Teachers (PST) on their upgradation. The provincial government has approved the upgradation of 12 scales to 14 scales 51 thousand PST mail and per mail teachers, as promised in the provincial cabinet meeting. Our teachers. It was a longstanding demand that the KPK Govt has fulfilled today.

Grant of Four Tier Structure Formula to KPK Teachers

The government of KPK has also Granted Four Tier Structure Formula to KPK Teachers. In this way, the teachers will have now more posts. They will have a fast promotion channel now.  They will get now BPS-17, BPS-18, BPS-19, and even BPS-20 on their regular promotion.

Approved Summary by Cabinet

The Primary School Teachers are appointed on BS-12 in KPK by initial recruitment. The Government of Punjab and Sindh Provinces appoints PSTs on BPS-14. The KPK Government decides to upgrade the PST Teachers from scale BPS-12 to BPS-14. The details are as given Below.

Promotion of PSTs from BSP-12 to BPS-14 in KPK

Primary school Teachers are the backbone of foundational learning in the Primary Education System and are appointed in BPS-12 by Initial Recruitment.  There are 3 types of Primary  school Teachers as elaborated below:

  1. Primary School Teachers (PSTs) BPS-12
  2. Senior Primary School Teachers (SPST) BPS-14
  3. Primary School Head Teachers (PSHT) BPS-15

The basic qualification required for the recruitment of Primary School Teachers is  Bachelor’s Degree. Currently,  there are 90,978 Primary School Teachers as per details in the following table:

Sr. No#CategoryFemaleMaleTotal
1PST (BPS-12)17,74633,99051,736
2SPST (BPS-14)6,41311,51317,926
3PSHT (BPS-15)7,44713,86921,316

Proposed Upgradation of Primary School Teachers KPK

In sister provinces, namely Sindh and Punjab, the Primary School Teachers are recruited in BPS-14. The Cabinet discussed the proposed up-gradation of Primary school Teachers as given below:

Sr. NO#CategoryFrom BPSTo BPSFemale Teachers(Nos.)# of Male Teachers(NO.s)Total  Teachers(NO.s)
  1. CT/CT-IT, AT, TT, PET, and DM will be upgraded from BPS-15 to BPS-16 with effect from 1st July 2023.
  2. Qari will be upgraded from BPS-12 to BPS-14 with effect from 1st Jul 2013.
  3. PST will be appointed in BPS-14 and CT/CT-IT, AT, TT, PET, and DM will be appointed in BPS-16 and Qari will be appointed in BPS-14.
Upgradation of Teaching Staff SST. PST, CT, DM, AT and DET KPK
Upgradation of Teaching Staff SST. PST, CT, DM, AT and DET KPK

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