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The Latest News Regarding 50% Increase in Salary and 30% Pension in Budget 2023-24

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بجٹ 2023-24 میں تنخواہوں میں 50 فیصد اور پنشن میں 30 فیصد اضافے کے حوالے سے تازہ ترین خبریں

There is the latest News Regarding a 50% Increase in Salary in Budget 2023-24 for Federal Government Employees. According to the Daily Jang online newspaper dated 05-05-2023, there is a proposal to enhance 50% salary for Govt Employees and 30% pension for pensioners.

News Regarding 50% Increase in Salary in Budget 2023-24

As expected, the finance minister is going to announce the financial budget for the year 2023-2024 in the first week of the month of June 2023. Finance Division has already announced the tentative date of the announcement of Budget 2023-24 Pakistan. The whole nation is waiting for this budget impatiently. Every person from the lowest to the highest community is expecting to have relief from the last budget of the government.

          The employees are expecting a 50% Increase in Salaries and a 30% Pension Of Government Employees as per the news. The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will present the national budget before National Assembly. All the political parties will also suggest their opinions on the budget.  From some resources, it is Enlighten that the government is going to adopt a 50% of enhancement in the salaries of government employees who are working currently. There is the expectation of a 30% increase in the pension of Retired government employees.

 Fiscal Budget 2023-2024 and Salary of Laboure

Pakistan is facing some economic crisis and the final budget 2023-2024 will be presented according to the economic condition of the country.  But, there is a suggestion to give relief to all citizens of Pakistan. The biggest suggestion is to increase the salary of the simple labor community up to 40,000. It is the most important factor in the economy of Pakistan.  But still, it is getting paid low income.  They also need financial relief in order to raise their living standards.  Keeping in view this, it is expected that government will make some of the change increase in the salary of labor too.

The government of Pakistan is suggested to provide the best financial relief to the nation of Pakistan in its last budget.  There are so many suggestions by which the Government can give relief to the citizens by keeping in view the economic condition of the country and the nation.

Prices of Fues and Conveyance

Petrol is the basic source of transportation. Basically, all people try to spend their income in order to raise their standard of living and to fulfill their basic needs in life. But in Pakistan due to inflation people spend their most of income at the expense of conveyance.  All the people having personal vehicles are paying more for petrol and those who use public transport are paying much more than expected as fare charges of local transport. For that reason, the public request the government to reduce the price rates of diesel and petrol. If Government does this it will be a great relief. The employees request the Government to increase Conveyance Allowance in Budget 2023-2024 Pakistan.  As their conveyance expenses have increased nearly three times since the last time Government increased the CA.

Need To Increase the Pay Community of Private Sector

With the increase in the salaries and pensions of public organizations, the employees request to enhance the salaries of all the citizens who are working in private organizations. According to the PPI, EOBI All Pension Holders Forum hopes to increase the salary of government employees.  With the increase in pension and salary of government employees, they demand to increase in the EOBI workers of the private sector. The EOBII pensioners are receiving only 8500 rupees monthly. There will be a great relief for them if the government increases their pensions according to the current rise in inflation.

Employees Demand to House Rent Allowance

The employees are facing a big issue with the House Rent Allowance. All Government employees of Pakistan demand and request the Government to increase House Rent Allowance in Budget 2023-24 as per the revised pay scales for 2022. They are getting HRA at this time on the basis of basic Pay scales 2008.

The Latest News Regarding 50% Increase in Salary and 30% Pension in Budget 2023-24
The Latest News Regarding 50% Increase in Salary and 30% Pension in Budget 2023-24

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