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Teaching License Policy 2023

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Teaching License Policy 2023 | Government of Sindh Law Parliamentary Affairs and Criminal Prosecution Department | April 11, 2023

ٹیچنگ لائسنس پالیسی 2023

I am directed to refer to your letter No SO(G-III)/SELD/422/23 dated 281h March, 2023 on the subject noted above and to state that the Sindh Government Rules of Business 1986 provide the manner for consultation with Law Department on various legal issues and determination / vetting the contents of the proposed legislation i.e Bills, Ordinance, Rules and Regulations The Law Department does not vet the policies proposed by Administrative Department unless it has a statutory backup.

Nevertheless, the contents of instant document have been examined and appear to be appropriate However the Administrative Department is advised to obtain approval from Government (Cabinet) before issuance of the Teaching License Policy Framework ensuring that such policy is not inconsistent with any legal instrument or any alike national / international policy in field.

ٹیچنگ لائسنس پالیسی فریم ورک کے اجراء سے پہلے حکومت (کابینہ) سے منظوری حاصل کرے تاکہ اس بات کو یقینی بنایا جا سکے کہ اس طرح کی پالیسی کسی قانونی آلے یا فیلڈ میں کسی بھی قومی/بین الاقوامی پالیسی سے مطابقت نہیں رکھتی۔

Teaching License Policy 2023
Teaching License Policy 2023

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