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SOPs for Change of Bank Accounts/IBANS Govt Employees and Pensioners

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Government of Pakistan, Controller General of Accounts issued a Notification on 13-12-2023 in connection with SOPs for Change of Bank Accounts Govt Employees and Pensioners. The details are as under:

Rules / SOPs for Change of Bank Accounts Govt Employees and Pensioners

The Controller General of Accounts Government of Pakistan forwarded the letter to Competent authorities on 13th December 2003. The main subject of the letter is SOPs for change of bank accounts in respect of government employees and pensioners. It is stated to all the Account Officers Like:

  1. AGPR Islamabad
  2. Sub- Offices At
    1. Karachi
    2. Lahore
    3. Peshawar
    4. Quetta
    5. Gilgit
  3. The Provincial AG Offices
  4. The District Account Offices
  5. The Account Offices of the Self-Accounting Entities will observe following the important SOPs.

SOPs for Change of Bank Accounts/IBANs (International Bank Account Number)

The respective account offices and the sub-offices in different districts of the country receive the letter. They will all observe dot mention in SOPs And report it to the higher authorities. All government employees who are currently working in government departments will submit their required documents to the respective office or department. The pensioners will also follow all the instructions to submit their documents. The account offices shall change the bank accounts IBAN of the employees and pensioners after obtaining the following document. all the in-service and retired government employees must provide all documents for a smooth process. The 05- respective offices are mentioned in the letter.

Required Documents for Government Employees

  1. Change form duly signed by the drawing and disbursing officer DDO of the department or office.
  2. NOC from the existing banker on the specified format duly countersigned by the DDO of the department/ office

Required Documents for The Pensioners

  1. Written request of the pensioner for the change of bank accounts
  2. NOC from the existing banker on the specific format
  3. The account offices shall verify the NOCs with the authorized specimen signature

The employees can read the instructions that the letter contains..The respective authorities are bound to follow these instructions and steps to complete the process.

In the process of change of bank account, the employees have to provide the NOC from the previous bank. The reason for the same is that sometimes the employees get loan on the basis that they will get their salary in a particular bank account. But after getting the loan he shifts his salary to another account of the other bank. The NOC here means that the employee is not a defaulter of the previous bank. The banks mostly issue Accounts Maintenance Certificates.

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