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Revised / Amendments in Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules 2023

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پنجاب سول سروسز پنشن رولز 2023 میں ترمیم

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 19-06-2023 in connection with Amendments in Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules 2023. These new rules of pension in Punjab are related to anticipatory monthly pension @ 65% of Basic Pay as per LPC. The details are as under:

Amendments in Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules 2023

The government of the Punjab Finance Department issues a letter in order to announce some amendments to Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules. The Governor of Punjab ensures that the finance department must make payment of 65% pension to employees after retirement.

Governor of Punjab Made Amendments in Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules

The Finance Secretary government of the Punjab finance department issues a notification on 19th June 2023.  in this notification governor of Punjab is pleased to make some amendments to the Punjab civil service pension rule. The amendments have to be implemented with immediate effect.

Governor Punjab Governor of Punjab makes some amendments to Punjab civil services pension rules including the following main points:

  1. Making Amendments in Rule 6.1
  2. Provision of Anticipatory Monthly Pension @ 65%
  3. Application of Monthly Anticipatory Pension

Amendments in Punjab Civil Services Pension Rule 6.1

The first amendment is in the Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules for rule 6.1 is amended as follows.

  1. Provision of Anticipatory Monthly Pension at 65%

When a government servant is likely to retire before the pension can we finally assist and sanctioned in accordance with the rules.  Account officers are authorized to make anticipatory monthly pensions at 65 percent of basic pay.

  1. Application of Monthly Anticipatory Pension

 The 65% rate is applied as per the last pay drawn by the retiree. Also having the length of qualifying service available as per the account office record for a period of one year.

  1. Discontinuing Anticipatory Pension

After the expiry of the stipulated period of one-year anticipatory pension allowed to such a retiree shall be discontinued.

  1. Completion of Pension Papers of Retiree

The pension sanctioning authority shall be responsible to complete the pension papers of such retirees within a period of six months from the date of retirement.

The respective notification Is forwarded to all the competent authorities. These all authorities ensure the implementation of the issued letter with immediate effect. All retired government employees will receive this amount on an immediate basis. As the preparation of documents about the Continuity of the monthly pension of retirees Based on a lengthy process. Therefore, all retired government servants will receive this amount until the complete pension documents are not prepared.

Revised / Amendments in Punjab Civil Services Pension Rules 2023

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