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Reduction of 40% on POL Ceiling

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Reduction of 40% on POL Ceiling | Government of Sindh School Education and Literacy Department | October 28, 2022

پی او ایل پر 40 فیصد کی کمی

It is informed that the reduction in ceiling is not applicable to operational vehicles, such C Ambulances, Police Mobiles / APC Carriers. Fire Brigades, Buses, Coffin Buses, Trucks, Cranes, Dog Vans, water Tankers, Water Cannon, Prison Van, Fork Lifters, Town Vehicles and Hiacc Vans and vehicles of Monitoring Officers / Monitoring Assist’s vehicles also fall in the category of operation. vehicles. therefore, reduction in ceiling does not apply on these vehicles.

It is therefore, requested to observe strict compliance of the instructions contain. in enclosed letter in letter and spirit

Reduction of 40% on POL Ceiling
Reduction of 40% on POL Ceiling

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