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Promotion of JST / JEST to HST

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Promotion of JST / JEST to HST | Government of Sindh School Education and Literacy Department | April 11, 2023

جے ایس ٹی / جے ای ایس ٹی کو ایچ ایس ٹی میں ترقی دینا

1 am directed to refer to this department’s letter No.SO(S-11)1- 180(Misc)/2019 dated 11.02.2019, on the subject noted above to state that the post of Junior School Teacher (JST) (135-14) was re-designated as Junior Elementary School Teacher (JEST) and circulated vide this department’s order No.SO(B&F)/ E&L/ Re-Desig-Posts/201,1-15(District)/2014 dated 23.07.2020.

2_ Aforementioned in view, the promotion of Junior Elementary School Teacher (JEST) to the post of High School Teacher (HST) M School Education & Literacy Department may be considered accordingly.

Promotion of JST / JEST to HST
Promotion of JST / JEST to HST

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