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Pension Increase Calculator

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It is concluded that pensions and commutes with new pay scales are better than the old ones.  Initially, I prepared the pension calculation sheet for Federal Employees. Punjab Government has yet only announced a 10% increase in pension with effect from 1st April 2022. The Notification of the remaining 5% pension increase in Punjab we are expecting soon. This new 5% increase pension will also be the same as Federal and with effect from 1st July. So this calculator can also be used for Punjab Government employees retiring on or after 1st July 2022.  Pension Notification of other provinces depends.

How does This Calculator Works?

This is simply an MS Excel Calculation Sheet. You just have to know the following figures:

  • Last Basic Pay
  • Total Length of Service
  • Age Rate that I have given in the calculator

If the employee is getting Personal Pay (PP), we shall also add it to the basic pay last drawn. If the employee has more than 30 years of service, we only count 30 years of service for pension calculation.  Suppose an employee has served for 40 years, we shall take only 30. However, if the employee has less than 30 years of service then we shall take the actual figure of his/her service.


In the calculations sheet we get the following results:

  • Gross Pension
  • 35% Pension
  • 65% Pension
  • Medical Increase
  • Commutation/Gratuity
  • Net Pension

The only two results are the most requirement of the employee are Commutation or Gratuity and another one is Net Pension.

Click Here to Download Pension Increase Calculator


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