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Online Payment Salaries of Council Employees

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کونسل کے ملازمین کی تنخواہوں کی آن لائن ادائیگی

The Regional Directorate Local Government Karachi issued a Notification on 24-11-2023 in connection with the Online Payment of Salaries of Council Employees of the Sindh Government. The details are as under:

Online Payment Salaries of Council Employees of Sindh Government

The Local Government and Housing Town Department (LG&HTD) Sindh looks forward to upgrading the Payment Method of Council employees to Online Payment. Regional Directorate,  Local Government Karachi takes action in order to complete the directives of the Minister (LG&HTD). Here are the details.  Here are more details available regarding the online payment method for council employees.

Council Employees Shall Get Salaries Through Online Payment System

The  Minister of Local Government & Housing Town Planning  Department,  Government of Sindh desires that Council Employees will get payment through the online system.  The Regional Directorate, Local Government Karachi issues a specific Performa to Municipal Commissioners of the Town Municipal Corporation (All) Karachi Division. The Commissioners have to complete the performance and submit it within 3 days in order to comply with the directives of the Minister.

Benefits of Online Payment Methods to Council Employees

The Council Employees shall benefit through the Online Payment System in many aspects.  It shall enable them to get their salaries on time.  It will be quick and fast. The employees shall be informed as their salary will be transferred to the account. They shall not need to go to banks and stand in line. They shall be able to withdraw their salary through easy ways.

Online Payment Salaries of Council Employees

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