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Notification Suspension of New Division Gujrat in Punjab

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پنجاب میں نئے ڈویژن گجرات کی معطلی کا نوٹیفکیشن جاری

Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab issued a Notification on 15-02-2023 in connection with the Suspension of New Division Gujrat in Punjab. The details are as under:

Suspension of New Division Gujrat in Punjab Pakistan

As per the Notification, in 2022, the government approved a new division “Gujrat” which will be formed in Punjab.  The Board of Revenue shared a notification bearing No. 2888-2022/4071-DIR(DEV&G), dated 17-08-2022 about the formation of a new Division.  According to this, the Gujrat District will be upgraded as Division. Today again the Board of Revenue shares a notification about it. The notification is about suspending the decision.  Let’s first read the text of the notification here.

“In pursuance of the Provincial Cabinet decision taken in its meeting held on 09-02-2023, the earlier notification of Board of Revenue bearing No.2888-2022/4471-DIR(DEV&G), Dated 17.08.2022 regarding the creation of new Division “Gujrat “ in  Gujranwala Division is hereby suspended till the holding of general elections in Punjab Province. “

Political Situation / Coming Elections

The political situations in Punjab are inappropriate these days. The speaker dissolved Punjab Assembly. Due to dissolving the Assembly in Punjab, a number of tasks remain incomplete till the formation of the new Government by Elections in Punjab. Many Government orders are suspended or postponed. For example, the Transfer or posting inside Punjab, from Punjab, or To Punjab is banned. No Government Departments can now make any kind of transfers/posting orders.  Likewise, the formation of a new district in Punjab is also suspended. The details are available as under.

As per the notification,  the Board of Revenue suspends the decision to create a new division in Gujranwala. The new order is valid till the holding of general elections in Punjab. The elections in Punjab seem to be conducted in 90 days. After the general elections, the Board can again review the decision.

General Elections in Punjab

The former Speaker Assembly Pervaiz Elahi dissolved the Punjab Assembly. After that, many Government Tasks and Works are postponed. The Lahore High Court has already issued the order to conduct the general elections in Punjab within 90 days. After holding the general elections, the task paused, and shall again resume.

Notification Suspension of New Division Gujrat in Punjab

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