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Notification of Functionality of Libraries in Schools

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Notification of Functionality of Libraries in Schools | Directorate of Public Instructions | November 29, 2022

اسکولوں میں لائبریریوں کی فعالیت کا نوٹیفکیشن

Notification of Functionality of Libraries in Schools (Punjab)
Notification of Functionality of Libraries in Schools

The Directorate of Public Instructions (SE) South Punjab, Multan writes to all the Chief Executives Officers, and All District Education Officers, South Punjab on the Functionality of Libraries.  The context of the letter is adhered under:

Reference is made to the meeting held on 25-11-2022 held under the chair of Additional Secretary, (Admin), School Education Department, South Punjab, Multan.

Taken able Actions

The following actions are taken for proper functionality and usage of the library in the school:

  1. The library must be neat and clean.
  2. The catalog must be updated.
  3. Proper numbering on the books is made.
  4. Proper records regarding the issuance and return of the books are maintained on the register date-vise.
  5. Library-friends groups list from all classes is displayed in a library who will be responsible to persuade other students for consulting the library.
  6. Placement of 02 periods weekly in the timetable for each class be implemented without fail.

The chair showed great concern regarding the non-functionality of Libraries.  It was observed that most of the books available in the library are not useful as they don’t match the mental and class level of the learners.

In the future, those books have preferred that match the mental level of the learners.

According to the above letter, the Directorate of Public Instructions, South Punjab has guided the concerned authorities to implement the instructional steps for the proper functionality of the libraries in the school.

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