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Notification Advance Salary on 20 December 2023 Punjab due to Christmas

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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 08-12-2023 in connection with Advance Salary on 20 December 2023 Punjab due to Christmas for the employees belonging to Christmas Community. The details are as under:

Pension, Pay and Allowance Dec 2023 – Advance Salary on 20 December 2023 Punjab due to Christmas.

The Finance Department issued a new notification on 8th December 2023 regarding the advanced payment of salaries for December. In terms of rule 5.1(1)- F and 5.2(3) respectively the government of Punjab financial rules volume-1.

Pay and Allowances in Advance for December on Account of Christmas

 The Christian community celebrates 25 December as the Christmas. if they receive their monthly salaries in advance before Christmas, they will be glad to celebrate the occasion happily. on the order of the government of Punjab, the finance department will distribute the salaries on 20 December 2023. Therefore, all the government servants especially those employees who belong to the Christian community will get their pay and allowances in advance for December in advance on 20th December 2003.

The government of Punjab’s finance department issued a notification about the disbursement of pay and allowances and pension for December 2003. the decision takes account of Christmas to government servants and pensioners belonging to the Christian community. The government of Punjab allows the finance department to distribute all the pay and allowances and the pension for the retired government servants. The approval is only for the Current month to support the Christian community especially.

Celebration of Christmas and the Birthday of Quaid e Azam

Christmas is a very holy occasion for the Christian community.  The Muslim community celebrates the birthday of the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. So, 25th December is not only a very important day for Christians but as well as the Muslim community.

All the competent authorities will take further necessary action accordingly. The accountant general Punjab and all district account officers in the Punjab.  Specially treasury office will follow all the terms and conditions and rules of Punjab financial rule volume 1.

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