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Notification Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 @ 30% Initial Basic Pay

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ایڈہاک ریلیف الاؤنس 2023 کا نوٹیفکیشن @ 30٪ ابتدائی بنیادی تنخواہ

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 18-07-2023 in connection with ARA 2023 Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 Punjab @ 30% Initial Basic Pay. The employees of Punjab will get this ARA on the initial basic pay of Revised Pay Scales 2022 with effect from 1st July 2023.

ARA- Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 Punjab @ 30% Initial Basic Pay

The employees of the following provinces/Federal got the ARA-2023 @ 35% on running basic pay for BPS-01 to BPS-16 while 30% for BPS-17 to BPS-22.

The government of Punjab’s finance department issues a notification on 18th July 2023. The letter shows details of providing Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 to the civil servants of Punjab. This allowance is for All the civil servants working under the supervision of the Government of Punjab.

According to the letter additional Finance Secretary regulation Wing announces that the governor of Punjab approves a 30% ARA allowance. He approves it on initial basic pay. It means all government employees will receive a 30% ARA allowance as additional value on monthly bases on initial basic pay. After checking the availability of the budget Finance department acknowledges the grant of this allowance on initial basic pay.

30% Adhoc Relief Allowance on Initial Basic Pay

Punjab Government with the consent of the finance department Grants Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023-2024 at 30%. After the announcement, there is a 30% increase in monthly from 1st, July 2023.

All government employees giving services in public departments of Punjab are eligible to receive this allowance. All contract employees and all regular employees are eligible.

Terms and Conditions

The finance department is ready to pay the additional value of the ARA allowance at 30%. It adds this value on a monthly basis to all government employees. But the finance department will follow the following conditions and terms:

  1. Admissibility During the Entire Period of LPR

The first condition is that the finance department allows this 30% increase during leave and the entire period of LPR.  It is not admissible on extraordinary leaves of any government employee.

  1. Not Treated as Part of Emoluments

Another condition is that this allowance is not considered part of emoluments. Not for the purpose of calculation of pension or Commute and recovery of house rent.

  1. Non-admissibility on Deputation Abroad

30% in increase in Adhoc Relief allowance is not admissible to the employees during Deputation abroad. The tenure of the posting of any government employee is not considerable this increase.

  1. Admissibility During Work in Pakistan

The grant of this 30% allowance is also admissible to government employees on repatriation from posting abroad. It is admissible during deputation abroad at the rate and amount admissible to them when they were working in Pakistan.

  1. Subject to Income Tax

The admissibility of this increase in ARA conditions to subject to income tax.

  1. No Supplementary Grants

No supplementary grants are admissible from any respective department for the fiscal year 2023 through 2024.

Accommodation with Budgetary Allocation

As there are more than 12 lac of government employees working in public departments. Providing this 30% increase in ARA allowance is like a burden on the treasure. But the Finance department provides this additional value on a monthly basis after checking the availability of the budget.

Notification Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 @ 30% Initial Basic Pay
Notification Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 @ 30% Initial Basic Pay

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