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Minimum Pension for Civil Pensioners

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Minimum Pension for Civil Pensioners of Federal Government Including Civilians | Government of Pakistan Finance Division Regulation Wing | July 05, 2023

سول پنشنرز کے لئے کم از کم پنشن

Minimum Pension for Civil Pensioners

The Government of Pakistan, Finance Division issued a Notification on 05-07-2023 in connection with the Increase in Minimum Pension and Family Pension 2023 Federal.

Increase in Minimum Pension and Family Pension 2023 Federal

As per the Notification, the government of Pakistan with the approval of the Finance Division Regulatory Wing announces to increase in the rate of Minimum Pension rate. The current rate is not according to the needs of pensioners. That’s why the President of Pakistan approves the increase in the rate of minimum pension rate. The nee rate is approved as with the difference of Rs.2000/- to the pensioner.  The family pension is also increased with a difference of Rs. 1500/-.

Grant of Increase in Minimum Rate of Pension up to Rs.1500 to Rs.2000/-

Deputy Secretary Finance Division will report to the competent authorities about the implantation to add the increased rates of minimum pension. As the letter is about to sanction this additional grant in salaries with the effect of 1st July 2023.  The grant is to increase Rs.2000/- in pension and Rs.1500/- in family group pension.

Increase of Rs.2000/- in Minimum Pension

The President of Pakistan agrees to sanction the increase in all federal government employees. They will receive this additional value in their salaries from 1st July 2023.

Sr.NoExisting RateIncreased RatesPension After Increase

Increase of Rs.2000/- in Family Pension

Other than all pensioners the families of deceased pensioners are also eligible to receive the increased rate of family pension. The family pension is increased up to Rs.1500/-. As the existing rate is Rs.7,000/-. After the increase, the family pensioners will receive a minimum pension of Rs. Rs.9,000

Sr.NoExisting RatePer MonthIncreased RatesPer MonthPension After IncreasePer Month

Beneficiaries of Increased Rate of Minimum Pension

  1. The government of Pakistan provides a new additional rate of minimum pension for all pensioners and families of deceased pensioners.
  2. The Civil Pensioners of federal Government including Civilians paid from Defence Estimates.
  3. Armed Forces Personnel and Civil Armed Forces Personnel.
  4. Families of retired government employees.
  5. Armed Forces Personnel under the Pension Gratuity Scheme 1954.

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