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Latest News to Increase 20% Salaries in Budget 2023-2024

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بجٹ 2023-2024 میں تنخواہوں میں 20 فیصد اضافہ

According to the Daily Express dated 23-05-2023, there is News to Increase 20% Salaries in Budget 2023-2024 for Government employees. The employees should keep in mind that these are just news, all will be final on Budget day. The details are as under:

News to Increase 20% Salaries in Budget 2023-2024 for Employees

The Finance Minister of Pakistan is going to present the Budget 2023-2024 on 9th June 2023.  As per the news, the Ministry of Finance suggests enhancing 20% the salaries of government employees. But Finance Minister Ishaaq Daar interlinked the final decision with Cabinet.

All the government employees are keeping an eye on the budget for 2023-2024. They all are expecting an increase in their salaries and different allowances. As the inflation is increasing day by day all the employees requested the Government of Pakistan to increase their salaries as their expenses are more than their income.  They already requested to increase of a certain percentage in Salaries as well as in important basic allowances.

Previous News to Enhance the Pay of Government Employees

In the previous meetings of the cabinet, it is decided to increase the salaries of government employees by almost 30% to 50% as per only news. But government employees are fed up with the consistent increase in inflation. They demand to increase a minimum of 50% in their salaries.

Employees’ Request to the Government

All government employees, Pensioners, and Labour request the increase of a certain percentage in the Salaries keeping in view the inflation rate. The employees request a reasonable increase in pay and allowances in Budget 2023-24. They are waiting for an increase in important basic allowances. Like, Increase Medical Allowances @200%, Increase House Rent Allowance @200%, Increase Conveyance Allowance @200%, Increase Salaries by 100%, and Provision of Executive Allowance @150% to all Employees.

Request to Raise Medical Allowance

In order to assist the government employee’s government should increase the medical allowances as per the demand of employees.

 All government employees are requested to increase their medical allowance by almost 200%.  As they have to pay for the medical fee of doctors and medicines not only for personal treatment as well as for the treatment of their family members. As they cannot afford the expenses of medical treatments and medicines.

Increase in CA Request

Government employees also request to increase the conveyance allowance. Mostly female employees have to pay the highest fare to the local conveyance (Carry/Van).

Some of the employees use their personal vehicles. But they have to bear the wear and tear expenses too. The petrol consumption is very expensive for them. It’s the reason that all government employees request the government to increase the air conveyance allowance by up to 200%

Latest News to Increase 20% Salaries in Budget 2023-2024
Latest News to Increase 20% Salaries in Budget 2023-2024

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