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Introduction Negotiable Pay Package by Government

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کے پی کے حکومت کی جانب سے قابل مذاکراتی تنخواہ پیکج کا تعارف

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Planning and Development Department issues a notification on 27-04-2023 regarding the Introduction Negotiable Pay Package for specific employees. The main subject of the letter is to decide the conversion of employees hired on a Negotiable Pay Package.

Negotiable Pay Package by the Government of KPK

The government of Pakistan is currently facing a critical Economical and Financial crunch. Therefore, the Section Officer of the department got directions from the department about the conversion of employees who are hired by the government of KPK on a Negotiable Pay Package. Initially, the government recruited employees for the fulfillment of department requirements on Normal PP. But, due to financial crises, government convert their pay package from a Negotiable to a Normal Pay Package.

Termination of Employees’ Normal Pay Package

The letter directs about the termination of service of employees hired on the existing Pay Package if they do not agree to do their duties on the Neg Pay Package.  As they are recruited on the NPP but, as per reserve rights department convert their pay package from neg to a normal pay package. They must fulfill their assigned responsibilities. If they object to doing so department and competent authorities can terminate their services.

Future Placement of NPP Cases to NPP Committee

Section Officer also directs the given officer’s authorities to assure that in the future every case related to the Neg Pa Package will be placed before the NPP Committed. Authorities also get instructions about placing NPP cases as they are not allowed to forward any NPP case to the planning and Development department before NPP Committee.

Authorities Related to NPP Cases

The section officer informs all the following members:

  1. Senior Members of the Board of Revenue
  2. Administrative Secretaries of the KPK Government
  3. Divisional Commissioners
  4. Account Generals KPK, Peshawar
  5. KPK Deputy Commissioner
  6. Head offices of related Department

All the above authorities must follow the instructions:

  1. Conversion of Neg Pay Package into Normal Pay Package.
  2. Termination of Employee if he objects to performing his duty.
  3. Placing NPP cases preferably before NPP Committee than forwarding them to the P&D department if needed.
Introduction Negotiable Pay Package by Government
Introduction Negotiable Pay Package by Government

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