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Introducing e-Gadget Mobile Application to Verify Mobile

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موبائل کی تصدیق کے لیے ای گیجٹ موبائل ایپلی کیشن متعارف

Punjab Information Technology Board has introduced an e-Gadget Mobile Application to Verify Mobile.  This app is a very good monitoring system to know whether the mobile is a theft mobile or not.

e-Gadget Mobile-Application to Verify Mobile Whether Theft Mobile or Others

The government of Pakistan is making improvements in the services of the police department.  Punjab information technology board creates an E-application for tracing/tracking stolen mobile phones. Punjab Police is already working for controlling small crimes. To make the system clear and transparent now it introduces a new mobile application which is a great mission of Punjab police to inform all the mobile phone sellers and all the people who have business buying and selling their mobile phones so they can verify cell phones online about the phone is of theft or not just by entering the IMEI verification code.

Punjab Police Launches E-Gadget Monitoring System to Track and Recover Stolen Mobiles

Mobile phone theft cases were increasing day by day in almost all provinces.  Since the price rates of mobile phones are also raised due to the inflation pressure.  A stolen mobile phone is a great loss for the person as by the mobile phone is stolen or snatched, he lost his all-contact numbers and important information also the private data. In order to control these theft cases and prevention of this crime Punjab police launches a new gadget which helps to Prevent the theft and trade of stolen mobile phones. The Police Department of Punjab introduces this new monitoring system in the collaboration with Punjab information technology board.

Introducing e-Gadget Mobile Application to Verify Mobile
Introducing e-Gadget Mobile Application to Verify Mobile

Benefits of E-Gadgets

  1. It also helped to recover the mobile phones if they got stolen.
  2. It helps to reduce this crime rate by snatching mobile phones.
  3. This mobile application is so convenient and easy to use.
  4. Social Security for shopkeepers and mobile dealers.
  5. Mobile buyers can enter the IMEI number on this application to verify that this phone has been stolen or snatched previously.
  6. All the persons having the business of selling and buying mobile phones can make their account on this application or website then they can check every mobile phone that came to their shop for repair and sale purposes. In case they have no E gadget application and they buy the snatched or stolen phone it will lead them to jail.
  7. This application alerts the Police to take sudden actions.

How to Get an E-Gadget Application

 Mobile users/dealers /buyers/ sellers have the facility to download this application from the Google Play store or apple play store.

How To Use E Gadget Application

  1. The first step is to download this application from the Google Play Store or apple play store.
  2. After installation create a login ID or user ID by entering Name/ Mobile Number/ CNIC Business or Market Name and NTN number.
  3. Now it is easy to enter the IMEI code of any mobile that came for repair or sale purposes.

The Role of Mobile Sellers and Dealers

Mobile sellers and dealers play also a very important role. They can register themselves by using this E-Gadget application. The sellers and shopkeepers Can download this application and then they can save the IMEI numbers of each mobile phone in the application which will help the Police to assess the database for the stolen /snatched phones.

Visible Reduction in Mobile Theft/Snatching Cases

The latest application that Punjab Police presented in order to prevent mobile theft cases.  Punjab police also assures all the dealers of mobile phones that this application will help them to save ad protect their business as it will help in case of any mobile phone is stolen or snatched then the Punjab police will immediately take action through this application and the first information report will be uploaded immediately. Therefore, there is a Visible reduction in mobile Theft/Snatching Cases which is a great relief.

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