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How much TA/DA an Employee will Get on Transfer?

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ایک ملازم کو ٹرانسفر پر کتنا ٹی اے / ڈی اے ملے گا؟

This is an important question for many employees how much TA/DA an Employee Will Get on Transfer? The TA/DA depends on the nature of the transfer/posting of the employees. If the employee himself/herself applies for transfer and the transfer is as per the will of the employees, he/she is not eligible for TA/DA.

How Much TA/DA an Employee Will Get on Transfer / Posting?

There are these main situations of transfer/posting of an employee:

■ Transfer/posting of the employees at his/her own will

■ Transfer /posting of the employee due to Department Requirement

■ Transfer/posting on Punishment

■ Transfer/Posting on Promotion

■ Transfer/Posting due to re-appointment of the employee through the proper channel

■ Temporary attachment of the employee

If we look at the above situations, the employee will get TA/DA only in those situations where the department transfers the employee at its own will and the employee has not applied/requested for transfer at that place. However, in case of temporary attachment of the employee even at the will of the department, the employee will not get TA/DA.

Which Financial Benefits the Employees will Get on Transfer / Posting?

The following financial benefits, the employee will get on his transfer/posting by the department:

■ One or Half Basic Pay

■ Daily Allowance

■ Luggage Charges

■ Transport Allowance (TA)

Single Employee Movement or With Family

There are further two situations of the TA/DA of an employee. These are as under:

■ Single Employee Movement

■ With Family movement

Single Employee Movement

If the employee moves to the next station alone / single he/she will get half basic pay as well as half luggage charges. However, he/she will get a full Daily Allowance as well as a full Transport Allowance as per his pay scale.

With Family Movement

If the employee moves with his family, he/she will get full Basic Pay and Luggage Charges. He will also get TA and DA as per the age of the family members.

Daily Allowance

■ Children above 12 full Daily Allowance

■ Children below 12 years Half Daily Allowance

■ On Each 480 KM Distance by Road/Train

Daily Allowance differs from pay scale to pay scale. There are different rates of DA. In special cities, the rates of DA are also different from other cities. The last time Government issued Revised Daily Allowance Rates 2017. You can see the Revised Rates of Daily Allowance.

List of Special Stations for TA/DA

The list contains 19 cities for special stations for the purpose of TA/DA. I have already prepared the list of special stations / big cities for the guidance/information of the employees. This list really useful for the employees to calculate TA/DA on transfer/retirement.

Luggage Charges

The formula for the luggage charges is as under:

Luggage Charges = Weight x Distance x 0.02

TA (Transport Allowance)

Transport Allowance is called TA. The facility of transport in a train is different for various pay scale employees. The chart of facilities admissible from BPS-01 to BPS-22 employees is as under:

If the employee moves by his/her personal car then the rates are applicable @ 10/- Rupees per kilometer.

Basic Pay

If the employee single, then he/she is eligible for half basic pay, and if with family then he/she will get full basic pay.

Example of Calculation of TA/DA on Transfer

Suppose Government transfers an employee of BPS-15. We shall collect the following data:

On the basis of the above data we calculate the TA/DA for the said employee as under:

Basic Pay

■ Basic Pay = 66490/-

a- Total Amount = 66490/-

Daily Allowance

■ Daily Allowance = 1440 x 2 (Double as distance more than 480 KM by Train

Total Family members above 12 = 4, Amount = 4 x 1440 x 2 = 11520/-

Total family Members below 12 = 2, Amount = 2 x 720 x 2 = 2880/-

b — Total Daily Allowance = 14400/-

Luggage Charges

Luggage Charges = Admissible Weight x Distance x 0.02
= 3000 KG x 1271 x 0.02

c- Total Amount= 76260/-

Transport Allowance

■ Transport Allowance (TA)

We shall get the latest fare rates of AC Parlor or above available train as the employee is eligible for AC Parlor or above facility. The latest rates are 6700/- in Oct 2022. We shall calculate here the full fare for all members as all family members are above 10 years. Hence the calculation of the fare is as under:

TA by Train = 6700 x 6 = 40,200/-

TA by Taxi = 1700/

-d- Total TA = 41900/-

Total Admissible Amount as TA/DA

After calculation of the above, we shall get the total of all expenses (a, b, c & d) that are as under:

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents may differ as per the requirement of the concerned accounts office. However general supporting documents are as under.

■ Family Registration Certificate (FRC) or CNICs of family members and B-Forms

■ Last Pay Certificate

■ Transfer Orders

■ Allotment of Amount Orders

■ Relieving Report

■ Joining Report

For the good cause of spreading information to everyone, you can now share essential Notifications / Orders / Court Judgments / Rules & Regulations / Press Releases / Question Papers, etc with us at publish here.

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