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Grant of Special Allowance @ 100% to Private Secretaries BPS-17

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پرائیویٹ سیکرٹریز بی پی ایس-17 کو 100 فیصد کی شرح پر خصوصی الاؤنس کی منظوری

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister issue a notification from Prime Minister Office Islamabad. The notification is about the Grant of Special Allowance to Private and Senior Secretaries. Prime Minister is pleased to announce this special allowance. He also approved the proposal at Para -05 of the Summary.

Admissibility of Provision of Executive Allowance to BPS-17 to BPS-22

According to the summary dated 29-12-2022 the Executive Allowance 2022 is granted to Officials of BPS-17 to BPS-22. These officials are posted to work in Federal Secretariat as per the rule of Business Law,1973. As well as the officials who work in Prime Minister and President Secretariat and in the ICT field Administration.

Private and Senior Private Secretaries are excluded from the admissibility of Executive Allowance. Finance Division works on the proposal of a separate arrangement for adequately compensating Private Secretaries.

Qualification, Promotions Channel, and Existing Benefits Admissible for Private Secretaries

Private Secretaries fall in the category of support Staff and have well-defined promotion channels which start from.BPS-14. They have regular promotion channels up to BPS-17 after which they are granted BPS-19 without any promotion.

Their substantive pay scale is therefore, BPS-17 as officials recruited through FPSC go through a promotion process from VPS-17 upwards throughout their careers. They also do training for their promotions. Private Secretaries also entitle to Special Pay which is not admissible to others. Both Cadres have different responsibilities and duties . Therefore they are treated differently.  There is a need for separate arrangements for Private Secretaries. The qualification Promotion Channel and Existing benefits are admissible to Private Secretaries may be perused in Annex-II.

Special Allowance to Private Secretaries 2023 @ 100% of Basic Pay

Finance Division Proposes that the Private Secretary of BPS-17 posted in the Federal Secretariat, Prime Minister office, and Office of President may be granted Special Allowance 2023 @ 100% of Basic Pay w.e.f 01-01-2023  from the date of benefit extended to all officers in Federal Secretariat.

Financial Impact of 100% Basic Pay Special Allowance

The provision of the above special allowance to Private Secretaries @ 100% of basic pay may have an impact of approximately Rs.100 Million Annually.

As the Proposal at Paras0 3-4 is subtitled for approval of the Prime Minister. The Minister of Finance and Revenue has the authority to submit the summary to the Prime Minister.

Conditions of Proposal for Granting Special Allowance

PM approves the Summary regarding the proposal  for Granting Special Allowance to the Private and Senior Secretaries on the following conditions:

Defining Federal Secretary

For granting special allowance Federal Secretary shall be defined in Rules,1973.

Eligibility of Deputation Allowance of Private Secretaries

Private Secretary and Senior Secretaries posted on deputation in the Federal Secretariat, office of Prime Minister and Secretariat of  President shall not be entitled to draw deputation allowance.

Discounting Disparity Reduction Allowance (DRA)

Discounting Disparity Reduction Allowance (DRA) -2021 and 2022 shall stand discounted.

Discontinuing Special Allowance

The Special Allowance -2023 shall be discounted upon transfer and posting outside the cadre of Private and Senior Secretary. Transfer outside the organizations mentioned in para-03 is also included.

Special Allowance for Officials Deputed Outside Pakistan

The special Allowance -2023 is not admissible to the officials during the tenure of their posting and transfer or deputation outside Pakistan.

 Rate of Special Allowance of Officers Deputed Outside Pakistan

 The special Allowance -2023 will be admissible to the officials on their repatriation from posting or deputation from outside Pakistan at the rate and amount which have been admissible to them had they not been posted abroad.

Special Allowance For Officials Belong To Cadre of Private Secretary

The Special Allowance -2023 will be admissible to officials belonging to the cadre of Private Secretary only and shall not be admissible to those who have been posted against the post of Private Secretary.

Grant of Special Allowance
Grant of Special Allowance
Grant of Special Allowance
Grant of Special Allowance

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