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Grant of 30% to 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023

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ایڈہاک ریلیف الاؤنس 2023 میں 30 سے 35 فیصد تک کی گرانٹ

Government of Gilgit Baltistan Finance Department issued a Notification on 14-07-2023 in connection with a Grant of 30% to 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 GB. The details are as under:

Grant of 30% to 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 GB

The government of Gilgit Baltistan Approves the grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023. The Gilgit Baltistan Government agrees to Provide this allowance to all employees who are working in government or public departments in Gilgit Baltistan.

Beneficiaries of ARA 2023 GB

The following officers/officials are eligible to receive this allowance:

  1. Civil Employees
  2. Contract Employees
  3. Regular Employees

Revised Rates of ARA

GB Government revised the rates of Adhoc Relief Allowance from this year. The new rates are as under:

Sr.NoType of AllowanceBasic Pay ScaleRate of Allowance
1. Adhoc Relief AllowanceBPS-01 to BPS-1635% increase per Month
 BPS-17 to BPS-22 or above30% increase  per month

35% ARA 2023 for BPS-01 to BPS-16

All those employees who are working in public departments from BPS-02 to BPS-16 are eligible for this allowance. They will get a 35% increase in ARA allowance on a monthly basis. This grant is supportive and helpful for government employees to come out from financial crises of conveyance issues. In order to assist the employees fully government not only increase the salaries but the basic allowances including

Conveyance allowance. The finance department provides this additional value on a monthly basis from 1st July 2023.

Grant of 30% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023 to.BPS-17 to BPS-22 and Above

All government employees working in Gilgit Baltistan government departments on BPS-17 to BPS-22 will receive this allowance @30%. All civil servants are eligible to get this increase of @30% per month. The finance department is ready to provide an additional 30% of this allowance in the salaries of Government employees from 1st  July 2023.

Admissibility of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023

The amount of an Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023 is provided on the following Conditions:

Admissibility on LPR Period

 It is admissible during leave and the entire period of LPR.

Non-Admissibility on Extra Ordinary Leaves

It is not admissible on extraordinary leave (EOL) Leave without pay for all Government employees. They have exceptions.

Non-Admissibility on Deputation Abroad

It is not admissible to the employees during the tenure of their posting deputation abroad. It is applicable at the rate of amount Admissible during their service in Pakistan.

The term Basic Pay includes Personal Pay

The basic pay for the purpose of this allowance also includes the amount of personal pay. The personal pay on account of annual increments beyond the maximum of existing pay scales.

Admissibility of Running Basic Pay

The allowance is admissible on running basic pay of all government employees.

Grant of 30% to 35% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023

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