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Fixation of Seniority of Junior Clerks Promoted Against 20% Reserve Quota

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فیصد ریزرو کوٹہ کے مقابلے میں جونیئر کلرکوں کی سنیارٹی کا تعین20

Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department issued a Notification on 11-07-2023 in connection with advice regarding the Fixation of Seniority of Junior Clerks Promoted Against 20% Reserve Quota. The details are as under:

Seniority of Junior Clerks Promoted Against 20% Reserve Quota

The government of Punjab S&GAD Regulation Wing issues a notification to the Secretary Government of Punjab Higher Education. The main subject of the notification is making requests to provide advice regarding the fixation of the Seniority of Junior Clerks. These clerks have promotions against the 20% reserve quota amongst class -iv employees as well as the eligibility of BPS-08.

The Promotion Committee needs advice from the competent authority about determining the seniority of eligible candidates. All employees of BPS-01 to BPS-08 who are eligible for the promotion and meets all the needs and conditions for the promotion process. They are ready for the promotion but, there is a need for advice regarding the fixation of the seniority of junior clerks. As government appoints them against a 20% reserve quota. In order to complete the promotion process and give a new Basic Scale to the employees. The section officer needs advice and suggestions from the Secretary of the Government of Punjab HED.

Determining the Seniority of Civil Servants (Class-IV)

After observation and examination, the Section observes that the seniority of a civil servant can determine from the date of Regular Appointment to the post or Cadre in terms of Section 7 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974. They can follow Rule #8 of the Punjab Civil Servant’s Appointment and Conditions of Services Rule 1974.

Eligibility for the Promotion to the Post of Junior Clerk BPS-11

As per Regulation Wing, we have S&GAD’s notification issue on 17th February 2023 regarding this. On the basis of this notification, all employees Working in public departments under BPS-01 to BPS-08 in the Cadre are eligible for promotion to the post of junior clerk BPS-11.

Fixation of Seniority of Junior Clerks Promoted Against 20% Reserve Quota

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