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Expected Date of Announcement Budget 2023-24 Balochistan

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بجٹ 2023-24 بلوچستان کے اعلان کی متوقع تاریخ

As per the Dunya Newspaper, the Expected Date of Announcement Budget 2023-24 Balochistan has been announced and the same is 16th June 2023. There are chances that Balochistan Government will present the fiscal budget 2023-2024 on the said date.

The employees of Balochistan are also expecting much from this Budget 2023-24. They are hearing the news of a 50% increase in salary in Budget 2023-24. However, Government will do the final decision on the date of the declaration of the budget.

Date of Announcement Budget 2023-24 Balochistan – Expected

The Finance Department Government of Baluchistan is expected to present Financial Budget on 16th June 2023. Finance Department Baluchistan sent the budget discussion Summary to the Provincial Government to call a meeting on 12th June 2023. The agenda of the meeting is to discuss the announcement of budget 2023 after allocating the financial resources as per the needs of departments.

The Volume of Budget 2023-2024

The expected Aggregate Budget of Baluchistan is about Rs.7 hundred Billion. According to sources, the finance department of Baluchistan is finalizing the budget summary. It allocates the finance in the best way according to the financial position and needs of every department.

Baluchistan Deficit Budget 2023-2024

As per sources this year the finance department says it will deficit budget for 2023-2024 of Rs.120 billion. The aggregate of the budget is about Rs.700 billion.

The budget will be used to complete prior developmental projects before starting the new ones. Departmental needs will be kept in view also.

Additional Expenses in Province

The finance department explains that this year’s government made large no.of expenses on subsidizing the flood victims. A huge amount is used to help those people as a relief who are most affected by the flood.  The amount is used on providing camps and basic food items.  Most of the amount is also used for rehabilitation. The government also spend a huge amount on helping victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The total amount spent on these additional expenses is about Rs.40 billion.

So the finance department says the current budget for this year is a deficit budget. The reason is the additional expenses said above.

Effects of Deficit Budget 2023.-2024

Baluchistan Government is expected to announce the budget on 16th June. Due to additional expenses, the government is facing a deficit of almost Rs.120 billion. This affects developmental projects. Most of the projects are pending due to a lack of financial resources. The funding for the projects is less than the cost of the project. That’s why the completion of developmental projects is at risk.  The completion process of projects is extended. So,

Expected Date of Announcement Budget 2023-24 Balochistan
Expected Date of Announcement Budget 2023-24 Balochistan

The finance department is keenly Allocating the financial resources keeping in view the expenses and needs of each department and project.

Government Employee’s Salaries and Budget of Balochistan

The Government employees of the province of Balochistan are also facing financial issues. There are chances that the Govt of Balochistan will announce the same package as the Federal Government will do on 9th June 2023. There are various news of salary increases for Federal Employees.  As per the news, the salary of the employee may increase from 20% to 50%. As per the latest news, there is the news of a 50% increase in salary in Budget 2023-24 of the Federal. There is also news that the Government has planned three attractive packages of salary increase in Budget 2023-24. However, the Government will do the final decision on 9th June 2023.

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