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Annual Financial Budget 2023-24 Announcement Updates

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سالانہ مالی بجٹ 2023-24 کے اعلانات اپ ڈیٹس

Annual Financial Budget 2023-24 Federal Government announcement Updates as per the Dunya Newspaper dated 01-05-2023. According to the newspaper, it is expected that the Annual Fiscal Budget 2023 is going to announce in the first week of June.

Latest Updates Annual Financial Budget 2023-24 Announcement

According to Preliminary Resources Federal Finance Minister will announce the financial budget 2023 on the 4th or 5th of June 2023. Finance Minister will present the budget details and distribution of finance before the National Assembly. The government may change the date of announcement of the Budget depending on circumstances. It is to mention here that the Tentative Date of Announcement of Budget 2023-24, has already been notified by the Finance Division.

Request to Increase Minimum 50% in Salaries in Upcoming Budget 2023-2024

The annual budget is the hope for every Government employee. But in the previous few years, the government has increased a small percentage of salaries of government employees. As the inflation rate is increasing day by day so all government employees request to Ministry of Finance in order to increase salaries up to minimum a of 50%. The employees also request an increase in House Rent Allowance in Budget 2023-24 and CA too. As their expenses are more than their monthly incomes.  If the government increases the salaries by accepting the request of the employees, it will help them to meet their living expenses. Khawaja Asif Federal Minister also gave a statement on 1st May 2023, that the Government of Pakistan is going to announce the salaries of the Government employees.

Expectations to Increases in Salaries

As the government of Pakistan understands the financial problems of every government employee, employees expect that government will accept their request and will make enhancements in salaries as per the need of employees. The government of Pakistan is facing a critical economic crisis. This financial crunch also affects the financial position of individuals. All the government employees not only feed their families but also fulfills other living needs like:

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Educational Experiences
  3. House Rents
  4. Basic necessities of life like food, clothing, etc
  5. Conveyance Expenses

Request to Increase Conveyance and House Rent Allowance

As the prices of all commodities of life are increasing day by day. Therefore, we are also facing a rise in petrol prices. As it is the basic mean of transportation, Government must control the price of petrol. Many of the female employees used to hire private conveyance on a monthly basis. They have to pay monthly rent for the conveyance which is out of reach of their pockets. Many male employees used to ride motorbikes. Their monthly expense of petrol consumption is much more than the Conveyance allowance provided by Government. So, for that reason, they request to increase conveyance allowance and house rent allowance to assist the employees.

Request to Increase Medical Allowance

Medical expense is also a very important expense for employees. The medical allowance which the government is paying to every government employee is a very small amount as their medical expenses are more than it. Therefore, Employees request the government for making an increase in the medical allowance for all employees in the annual financial budget of 2023. As, they have to pay for medicines, medical treatments, and the consultation fee of doctors. They also spend on basic medical tests.

Suggestions of Other Political Parties

All the other political parties are also welcome to give suggestions about salary increases in budget 2023-2024. They have the right to make opinions and give suggestions to the Government regarding the allocation of suitable funds for the employees. They can also suggest a percentage increase in salaries according to the needs of employees.  I hope that Government will present a balanced budget for the employees.

Annual Financial Budget 2023-24 Announcement Updates
Annual Financial Budget 2023-24 Announcement Updates

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