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Annual Confidential Report (ACR) | Performance Evaluation Report (PER) | Case Laws

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Case Laws on Annual Confidential Report (ACR) or Performance Evaluation Report (PER)

سالانہ خفیہ رپورٹ (ACR) یا کارکردگی کی تشخیص رپورٹ (PER) سے متعلق مقدمات کے قوانین

2003 PLC(C.S) 1352 –
2004 PLC(C.S) 130 –
2018 PLC(C.S) N 137 –
2007 PLC(C.S) 1316 –

اگر اے سی آر میں کوئی اڑورس ریمارکس ہوں تو محکمہ کی ذمہ داری ہے کہ ملازم کو جون سے پہلے پہلے اس بارے میں آگاہ کرے

2020 PLC(C.S) 454 –

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  1. Fatima Fatima January 28, 2022

    can youo guide me if one acr has avers remarks and rest are excellent , does this bars an employee from time scale promotion?

    • All Pak Notifications All Pak Notifications Post author | February 12, 2022

      No, it does not. Each ACR has 2 marks and ACRs of 5 years are counted. You need at least 7 marks for promotion. So if one has adverse remarks, still you can get promoted.

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